Morikawa Laboratory



We believe that attractive ideas should be realized through implementation and use in a real environment. Pursuing our philosophy, we have built smart spaces devoted to carry out proof-of-concept experiments. We also aim to take advantage of this spaces for demonstrating our achievements and encouraging discussion with not only researchers but also the public.



2000~2005 Hongo 3 Chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
STONE Room was a meta-architecture testbed to study functions that will be required by future networks, composed of interconnected new types of network, such as sensor networks and the Internet. This testbed was built as part of the "Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Re- search for the Future Program".



2003~2008 Kashiwa campus, The University of Tokyo
PAO room was built under the 21st Century COE Program of The Department of Frontier Informatics, Graduate School of Frontier Science. To support various demonstration scenarios ofdifferent laboratories, PAO room was designed with a focus on flexibility. In this room, various devices can be attached to the wooden ceiling and walls, such as power sources and lights. Furthermore, the floor and walls are used as a projection screens that together create a seamlessly connected space.


Ubiquitous Demonstration Space

2005~2008 Daibiru Akihabara, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
The Daibiru smart space was shared by eight institutions participating in the Ubila Project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, including Morikawa Laboratory. To provide flex- ible support to the different demonstration scenarios and experiments, this room was equipped with re-arrangeable pillars, called "ubiquitous columns".


ROSSO System

2008~ Komaba Research Campus, The University of Tokyo
Rosso System is a place that combines an office and a demonstration/experiment room. The Rosso System is designed so that sensors and actuators can be flexibly set in every corner while maintaining the functionality and appearance of an office. By doing experiments in the office, we can build, operate and verify the prototyped services that are closely-attached to life.